Employees Are There to Make You Money – Thousands of Dollars In Fact

We sometimes forget this. The only reason I have a team of people is because I think I will make money out of the team. We also have a team because we think they will do the job we want them to do. Yes over the years your team will become your friends and I [Continue Reading…]

Don’t lose a Ferrari or A House through the Back Door

Every business has some form of leakage. Even my own. All business people know this, but sometimes it is just too hard to fix. You see, if we knew how big the leakage is we might start crying like a baby and actually do something about it. So here are a few questions for you [Continue Reading…]

Be Honest and Stay Out of Jail

Attached is ‘Stay Out Of Jail Card’ There are some days (very few) in my life when I hate what I do. It does not happen very often, but when it does I have a heavy heart. Normally I write my blogs with a bit of humour, but this week I am going to be [Continue Reading…]

What has Traffic Control Got to do With My Business? More Than You Might Think!


Inefficiencies drive me nuts. We have a rule in our office. If it is inefficient we change it. Immediately. Inefficiencies mean more cost and wasted energy – to us and ultimately to the end customer. The problem is that sometimes it is staring us in the face, but we either ignore it or refuse to [Continue Reading…]

We Know We Shouldn’t Do This Yet We Still Do!

Earlier this week I was visited by auncle of mine from Melbourne. He is a highly successful businessman and runs a large business in Fiji and Melbourne. We began discussing business over coffee. Generally, I get asked the question what makes a successful business and the traits of successful entrepreneurs but my uncle asked me [Continue Reading…]

Just Listen To Me. Fix It & Make Me Feel Special! Ignore At Your Peril!


The last couple of months have been very frustrating. We are partners with MYOB and over the last 4 years have paid them a significant amount of money. As partners we were supposed to get support, help and have an account manager who keeps in touch with us. This never actually happened. However, as we [Continue Reading…]

We are not insolvent! ….. Are You Sure?

Sometimes when I talk to clients about insolvency it is a bit like talking about death. They just don’t want to do it or believe it. Last month a client of mine was put into liquidation. The difficulticies started about a year ago and I started to advise the company about 8 months ago. My [Continue Reading…]

Customer Service – How Getting it Wrong Can Cost You Thousands of Dollars!

We all know that customer service is not just important, but probably the cornerstone of a business. Everyone knows that bad customer service will cost you lost customers, but what really is the cost? And why is that Australian Businesses still don’t get it? Even if you have a great product, bad customer service will [Continue Reading…]

There Is No Excuse – You Can’t Lose Receipts Now!


We are great fans of Xero. As a pioneer, which has revolutionised the bookkeeping industry, it is always evolving – sometimes too quickly. MYOB and Quickbooks which were slow to catch on have since tried to copy Xero. They still have a way to go but in the meantime our recommendation is Xero. There is [Continue Reading…]

Forget New Year Resolutions – Let’s Detox Your Business


I am not really into New Year’s Resolutions – they have never really worked for me. So on New Year’s Day whilst nursing a hangover, I got asked the ‘what are your resolutions this year’ question by my nephew. After hearing that they were not for me he asked an interesting question which went something [Continue Reading…]