I operate far away from you. Can you still help me?

Yes. We have clients based all over Australia and all the major capital cities. The internet and e-mail has made the world a smaller place.

We have designed specific operations and systems that allow us access to your data so that we can quickly and efficiently complete your bookkeeping.

What is Xero and Cloud Computing?

Xero is a bookkeeping package we use. It is like MYOB and Quickbooks. Although we are happy to use these bookkeeping packages we find that Xero is more efficient, easier to use and allows us to prepare great reports so you can understand your figures.

Xero is kept on the cloud which means there are no back ups and no upgrades to worry about. The data is kept online and in real time which means you can see your figures 24 hours a day 7 days a week anywhere in world. We do not need to ask your for data backups we can access your data file at any time.

I currently use MYOB, Quickbooks or another bookkeeping software. Do I have to move to Xero?

You don’t have to but we would seriously recommend it. We would be happy to prepare your bookkeeping on the above software but we are unable to provide the detail management quarter reports and we also find it takes us longer to do your bookkeeping. We would have to look at your operations before we can quote you on your bookkeeping work.

If you use one of the above we can for a small fee of $250 transfer your records into Xero and ensure your systems are set up properly.

How do you charge for your services?

It depends on what you would like us to do. Normally new businesses will try to maintain their own bookkeeping to keep costs low but like us to check over their figures before they lodge their Business Activity Statements. Once a business becomes established it is usual for them to employ the services of a bookkeeper or firm like us to maintain the books.

From experience we have found that those businesses which outsource their bookkeeping so that they can concentrate on their business found that their businesses has grown more because they use the time they have saved on their business.

We have two pricing models. Model one is where you would like us to deal with your bookkeeping and reporting only. Our second model is based on us doing your bookkeeping and dealing with your year end accounting, tax and business advice.

We live in an uncertain world so we have decided that all our assignments will have a fixed fee. Please see our pricing table to give you an idea of costs.

Not all businesses will want us to do all their work. Many businesses have established relationships with their accountant and tax advisor. We would not want to upset this and will work with your existing accountancy and taxation firm to ensure they also get the best information they need to ensure they also work as efficiently as possible.

Why don’t you charge an hourly rate?

We have never understood hourly rates, To us this only works for the bookkeeper. The bookkeeper does not have any incentive to work efficiently as the longer it takes them the more money they make.

We do not think that works for you. We want to communicate with you as it is the only way we can understand your business. That s why we never charge for telephone or email support.

What if we want more services apart from bookkeeping?

We have an associated company which is a firm of Chartered Accountants. They were Finalists for two business awards – ‘Outstanding Business of the Year’ & ‘Best Professional Practice’ as judged by the Commonwealth Bank & BIT Multicultural Business & Community Awards 2012

They think the same way we do. They can deal with your year end accountancy and tax work and we find that because we do your bookkeeping we can significantly save on year end tax and accountancy.

How do we contact you and can we meet with you?

All our clients are given phone contacts to relevant people and our main office. Our clients can also email us and we always ensure we reply promptly. We never charge for telephone or e-mails support

We have two offices, one in the Gold Coast and the other in Brisbane. We often also make visits to your premises if that suits. 

Our first meeting or consultation is always free.

How easy is it to transfer to you?

Very easy! If you already have Xero you need to login and set us up as your Advisor. We can then take over. It’s as easy as that!

If you use anther bookkeeping software we will need your datafile. You can transfer this to us using one of our secure platforms. We will then use this data and transfer it onto Xero. We will then give you access codes for Xero so you can access your data at anytime.