It’s The Season to Be Merry. But ‘Bah Humbug’ is What the ATO Might Say

With the January break on the way, many employers and businesses will be planning to reward staff with a celebratory party or event. There are import issue to consider in regards to FBT and income tax FBT and Entertainment As am employer you can choose how to calculate any FBT on entertainment • actual method’ [Continue Reading…]

Should I DIY my Bookkeeping?


It is one of the most common questions I get, usually from new start up business. It is also a conversation I have with my more established businesses. With any new start up business capital is usually at a premium and keeping costs as low as possible is an absolute priority. Having said that there [Continue Reading…]

It’s All About Passion Stupid!!

For those old enough, we know that these were the famous words used by Ronald Regan (except the word was ‘Economy’ not ‘Passion’) but the result is the same. As a business owner who has advised a few thousand businesses, it ceases to amaze me what passion can do. I have seen business models that [Continue Reading…]

Set Goals


Set Goals – Really? Boring and It’s Crap Isn’t It? – Or is it? I can hear you moaning already. I get it all the time. I know you have heard this before and are sick to death with it. The thing is, every consistent success business or business owner I have been involved in [Continue Reading…]

What is Your WHY?


Last week I put up an article on the traits of successful business people. One of the things that I have found is that successful business people also have a big WHY? What does that mean? It basically means they have a big WHY they do what they do so passionately. I have found that [Continue Reading…]

Do We Need A Buy & Sell Agreement?

Most people do not really understand what a buy and sell agreement is. A simple question. – Do you want to retain control of your company in the event that an existing business partner dies or are no longer in a position to fulfill their position – eg disability? Let’s say Peter and Paul have [Continue Reading…]