There Is No Excuse – You Can’t Lose Receipts Now!

xeroWe are great fans of Xero. As a pioneer, which has revolutionised the bookkeeping industry, it is always evolving – sometimes too quickly.

MYOB and Quickbooks which were slow to catch on have since tried to copy Xero. They still have a way to go but in the meantime our recommendation is Xero. There is simply no better program.

One of the reasons why is it great is because it is always trying to make the programme more efficient, saving you time in this very busy world.

One of the great time saving features that Xero has is the ability to upload receipts directly into Xero so if you need to see an invoice it is traced immediately.

There is also a little known feature in Xero, which most business owners are not aware of. If used properly there is no excuse for any receipts to go missing!

Many business owners will email their receipts to either their bookkeeper or upload individual receipts when they do their bookkeeping.

Now it is possible that you can email your individual receipts to your Xero file as and when you pay or receive your receipts. So how does it work?

Your Xero file has its own unique email address. This means you can email documents to your Xero file and it will sit in your Xero mail inbox and can be uploaded when bookkeeping is undertaken.

So let’s say you receive an invoice by email as a pdf. All you do is email it to your unique Xero email address and when you or your bookkeeper needs to do bookkeeping all the receipts are there.

It is also easy when it comes to ad hoc receipts like fuel, meal costs etc. You simply take a photo and email it to your Xero file. Awesome!

So there really is no excuse for you to say you cannot find a receipt. Crap …. that means you need to come up with another excuse for your bookkeeper or the ATO!


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