I won’t pay you $5,000 now, but will pay you $80,000 in 2 years’ time!

What if you were given a choice? You could pay a legal lawyer $5,000 now or you could decide to wait and pay them $80,000 in two years’ time? It does not sound like a great deal if you were to wait 2 years. But, believe it or not, this is exactly what has happened [Continue Reading…]

Don’t Become Hitler. How to Win Your Business War

Sometimes when I speak to my clients I feel they really believe they are in a war which they must win. Being a pom, history lessons inevitably taught me about the Second World War and I found it fascinating. But over the last few weeks I have been watching a TV series about it and [Continue Reading…]

It’s Stars Wars Madness – But You Could Make Thousands by Following It’s Wisdom

According to the best financials brains in the stratosphere of our world, Disney will generate approximately $5bn of merchandise from its latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise. I am not sure that is correct because if you look around my house I am convinced there is a $1bn worth of Star Wars goods there. [Continue Reading…]

New Year Resolutions Are Crap! – Detox Your Business Instead and Save Thousands of Dollars


I am not really into New Year’s Resolutions – they have never really worked for me. I once made a resolution that I would eat good healthy food and remove all alcohol whilst nursing a hangover on New Year’s Day. But at the time my IQ levels are about the same as my goldfish because [Continue Reading…]

It’s A Wonderful Life – Your Riches Are Closer to Home than You Think.

There are some films that have meaning and are timeless. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is such a film. But it teaches us so much about our business and our personal life. It could, in fact, make you much richer. I know what you are thinking. How can a film made in 1946 be relevant to [Continue Reading…]

You think you’re having a hard time this Christmas? Spare a thought for Santa

If everyone is to be believed Christmas this year is already becoming a disaster. Mothers and chefs around the world are running around like headless chickens working out ways of making sure the turkey does not become dry and the stuffing remains as moist as possible. Supermarket trolleys are being filled to the extent that [Continue Reading…]

Employees Are There to Make You Money – Thousands of Dollars In Fact

We sometimes forget this. The only reason I have a team of people is because I think I will make money out of the team. We also have a team because we think they will do the job we want them to do. Yes over the years your team will become your friends and I [Continue Reading…]

Don’t lose a Ferrari or A House through the Back Door

Every business has some form of leakage. Even my own. All business people know this, but sometimes it is just too hard to fix. You see, if we knew how big the leakage is we might start crying like a baby and actually do something about it. So here are a few questions for you [Continue Reading…]

Be Honest and Stay Out of Jail

Attached is ‘Stay Out Of Jail Card’ There are some days (very few) in my life when I hate what I do. It does not happen very often, but when it does I have a heavy heart. Normally I write my blogs with a bit of humour, but this week I am going to be [Continue Reading…]

Find the Right Advisor & Make $100,000

Before I start where I left off last week, I need to clear something. You see last week I suggested that a number of attendees at my seminar may not have taken action. This it seems may have upset a few people. I received a few emails explaining they had taken action and one person [Continue Reading…]