It’s Stars Wars Madness – But You Could Make Thousands by Following It’s Wisdom

According to the best financials brains in the stratosphere of our world, Disney will generate approximately $5bn of merchandise from its latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise. I am not sure that is correct because if you look around my house I am convinced there is a $1bn worth of Star Wars goods there. If a thief come to my house they would ignore the laptops and Ipads and instead go for the Logo ships, lunch boxes and collection of mugs which, when I last counted were in the thousands. I could open a store and I can see the Myer Board of Directors quaking in their boots. Or maybe they all wear Louis Vuitton shoes.

Anyway, you have probably worked out, there are a few Star Wars nuts in my household. Having seen the films several times there is so much for businesses to take away, it is astonishing.

So how can you use Star Wars to make your billions?

  1. Don’t let the Dark Side Entice You

The film clearly shows that being on the wrong side of the Force means negative emotions will cloud our judgements.

If, as business people, we remove fear and anger and live life without either of these two negative emotions in our lives we would be much happier. It’s not just Yoda that says this either.

Science tells us that negative emotions have all kinds of effects on the human body. Stress usually makes us horrible to be around and will undoubtedly lead you to an early grave.

Employees and team members hate it when bosses shout at them or when they see their boss destroy their offices for no apparent reason. At the opposite end positive emotions make us feel happier, better and loved. So next time you decide to destroy the office just remember the problem will still be there when you have finished. And it will ultimately lead to suffering.

  1. Just Do it!

Before the line was taken by Nike it was originally said by Yoda.

There is a scene between Yoda and Luke Skywalker when Luke reluctantly says he will try. Yoda replies ‘No. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.’ 

Business is no different. Successful businesses and business leaders are littered with conviction. Can you imagine Thomas Edison saying we was going to ‘try’ again to make the light bulb? I have never met a success business person that does not have absolute trust in themselves and what they are doing.

In the films, even the very young Luke Skywalker (as a child) was able to build and race a pod. He even manages to fly a rebel fighter into space. He believed and then just got on with the job of doing it.

Back yourself. Trust yourself. And do it without fear. You may be amazed at what you achieve.

  1. Trust your Gut Feel

If you want use the term intuition. I have been lucky that over the years and I have learnt to trust my gut feel. Have I got in wrong? More times than you can imagine. But over the years, it has served me well.

In the film, Jedi are always talking about what they ‘feel’ and what they can ‘sense’. This is effectively their intuition kicking in and it serves them well.

Learn to trust your feelings and your gut. Close your eyes, relax and consider it all. The answers you are looking for may not be that far away.

  1. Choose Your Path…. And Be Rebellious

We all have our paths to follow. Anakin was a slave, became a Jedi and then moved to the Dark Side. He chose to follow his own path and sometimes that also meant he had to question things and be rebellious. He often made Obi Wan Kenobi’s life difficult by being unpredictable, made mistakes, learnt from them and moved on.

It was only when he moved over to the Dark Side all that stopped and it resulted in a new person being born in Darth Vader. Darth Vader was extremely powerful but ultimately under the control of the Emperor. He had no path to follow.

His son Luke Skywalker refused to follow him to the Dark Side despite his father’s pleadings creating his own path to glory.

In business we have to be rebellious, constantly questioning everything because we live in a world that is constantly changing. And that means being disruptive. It means being different.

  1. Help Comes From the Most Unlikely Sources

The good guys always received help from the most unlikely of people. Initially, it was Hans Solo and the ‘walking carpet’ Chewbacca. Then we had the Ewok, who looked like cuddly bears. Finally, in latest version we had Finn, a Stormtrooper, helping Ray.

There is a saying you can count the people you really trust in one hand. These are the people we are prepared to tell our innermost secrets. No matter how many Facebook friends you have we really have only about 5 we really trust. And the chances are you worked out who these people were, when you needed help the most. And they sometimes come from the people you least expect. Work out who these people are and ask them for help when you need it. They will give to you unconditionally.

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