Brisbane Bookkeeping Can Handle Your Quarterly BAS Preparation And GST Requirements

Brisbane Bookkeeping Can Handle Your Quarterly BAS Preparation And GST Requirements

Most business people know they have to do a BAS but many do not really know what actually is declared one. Not only do they ATO collect taxes but they also provide a variety of statistical information for them to use. It includes various types of taxes like GST (Goods and Service Tax), Pay As You Go instalments (tax in advance), PAYG withholding (employee tax) and Fringe Benefits Tax. These taxes are all declared either monthly or quarterly

There are number of way you can lodge your BAS reports. Either it can be done online through your accountant or your Brisbane Bookkeeper.  A Brisbane Bookkeeping firm should be to prepare not only your books but to calculate and complete BAS. These matters are complicated and not easy for those who are not experts in bookkeeping to understand.

Many business are sometimes too busy to complete their returns on time and do not realise that neglecting and lodging their BAS late can result in penalties and interest being charged by the ATO. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to a Brisbane Bookkeeping firm will ensure the bookkeeping is done correctly and on time.

Once your bookkeeping is done and your BAS lodged your Brisbane Bookkeeping firm will ensure payment is made or chase any refunds due from the ATO. This can sometimes be a time consuming exercise and time is one thing many businesses do not have. Your Brisbane bookkeeping firm should be an integrated firm and able to provide additional services such as taxation advice and tax planning.

You should look for a Brisbane Bookkeeping firm that:

  • Has a clear fee structure – fixed monthly fees are best
  • Can give your business tax minimisation advice.
  • Can guarantee their work – and are willing to back it up with a money back guarantee
  • Can give you informative reports either on a monthly or quarterly basis

For the bookkeeping experts in BAS and GST, bookkeeping Brisbane and  bookkeeping Gold Coast, call Crystal Clear Bookkeeping on 1300 440 316 to speak to an advisor today.

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