Bookkeeping Gold Coast

Bookkeeping Gold Coast

bookkeeping gold coastNeed A Gold Coast Bookkeeping Firm?

CrystalClear Bookkeeping is a Gold Coast Bookkeeping firm who believe they have a unique business which will meet the needs of all businesses that require accurate and reliable bookkeeping.

Businesses in the Gold Coast have found things tough over the last few years. With the construction industry almost coming to a standstill other businesses in the area have also suffered especially in the tourism sector.

Bookkeeping Gold Coast

As a business advisor we recommend that when times are tough you need to look at your expenses. Your Gold Coast Bookkeeping fees may be necessary but are you getting the best deal? How do you choose a Gold Coast bookkeeper who gives you Value for Money?

Bookkeeping Gold Coast: Choosing a Bookkeeper the Right Way

Well you want to pick someone or a firm that:

1. Tells You Exactly How Much It Is Going to Cost – Our Plans start from an Amazing $89 a month

Most Gold Coast bookkeeping firms will quote you an hourly rate to do your bookkeeping. We have never understood hourly rates – you pay more if it takes your bookkeeper longer. How does that work in your favour? This only works for the bookkeeper or accountant. It also means working efficiently is not in their interest!

We have fixed monthly fees – starting from an amazing $89 per month so we know we have a plan that suits you. We have plans which give you flexibility to choose what you want us to do.

We have no extra charges. Phone calls and email advice are free. You tell us what you want us to do and we agree a monthly fee – it is as simple as that.

To access our easy to understand pricing plans click here.

2. Gives You More Than Just Bookkeeping

Most Gold Coast Bookkeeping firms will just do your bookkeeping. As a business you do not get to know what has happened or where you stand. At the end of the year the bookkeeper provides information to your accountant who will prepare financials and that is the only time you the business operator knows how well (or badly) you have performed.

Well we do it differently. With new accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks Online it has never been easier to outsource your bookkeeping and have it done efficiently. Efficiency means cheaper fees. Affordable bookkeeping Gold Coast!

3. Gives You Great Management Reports

If you do not get this your Gold Coast Bookkeeping firm is only doing half their job. As part of our monthly package deals we will provide, at least quarterly, management reports showing you how well you have done. This will cover a profit and loss account and balance sheet but also important key data relevant to your business. For an example please click here.

If you want more we are also able to provide a business advisor who can explain what the figures mean and because we are a firm of Chartered Accountants and Registered Tax Agents we can provide taxation advice as well.

4. The Gold Coast Bookkeeping Firm is Happy to Give You a No Quibble Money Back Guarantee.

We give all our clients a no quibble money back guarantee that if you do not like what we do or you find mistakes relating to our bookkeeping you do not have to pay and can ask for your money back. Bookkeeping Gold Coast money back guarantee!

We know we are good because in 2012 we were a Gold Coast bookkeeping firm that was nominated and finalist for two awards as judged by Commonwealth Bank & BIT:

  • Best Professional Practice
  • Outstanding Firm of the Year

We also have clients who are happy to tell you that we are great. Just look at our testimonials and client comments.

For more information about bookkeeping Gold Coast or Gold Coast bookkeeping, read more of our articles in our blog.

Bookkeeping Gold Coast made easy and affordable.

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